Angelic Interfaith Ministry   (A.I.M.)

  rev. alfonso c. mallimaci ph.d.       2017

Contact Information / Direct : (609)-432-7072 / Office : (609)-788-4321 / Web : 

     Angelic Interfaith Ministry / a.i.m. weddings, contact information : Direct : (609)-432-7072 / Office : (609)-788-4321 / Web :

                                      MASTER OF CEREMONY :

             Wedding's , Vow Renewals , Romantic Ceremonies ,                        Baptism's , House Blessings , Memorial Services ,     

                 House Cleansing's , Anointing the Sick , Funerals , ETC. 

     we are happy to preform any and all pastoral services with love in our hearts and compassion in our soles. We do not judge.  we believe and  trust in gods ever loving grace. however, we are ministers of the lord. we will not preform rituals of demonology or idolatry. "Interfaith" does not include Satanism.  The one true god is glorified in all of our actions with the love of the lord for all.  Hate is not welcome here in any way shape or form .... may the holy spirit of god and the love of Christ be with you always +