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                                                    A.I.M. MARTIAL ARTS :

                         Krav Maga , Jujitsu, T'ai Chi , Dim Mac  &  Rei Ki :                                                          Private and Semiprivate Lessons For All , Women's Self Defense ,                                                              Children's Self Defense , Senior Self Defense.    

  We train in the new world tradition of the ancient philosophy of the shaolin monks. Total military style street defense, combine with the arts of inner peace to create harmony within, while obtaining the knowledge, strength and confidence to defend ourselves in any situation. This is the true 'yin and yang". this is the philosophy that shaolin kung fu originated from, and this is the philosophy and ancient to modern styles where the arts belong...harmony and balance of mind,body & spirit.  

  Master Alfonso c. mallimaci Ph.d. is a 5th degree black belt master martial arts practitioner and instructor. his 40 plus year journey through the arts has led him to this new world military style of street combat defense, combine with the inner peace of the meditative arts and the spiritual power of the healing arts to create a style we affectionately refer to as "ki-ma-chi".  navigate through our site to better understand our 40+ year journey and familiarize yourself with what we do.                                                                                   

 all though the evolved arts we study, practice and teach are mixed and very modern, we keep our main focus on spirituality. That's the true essence of martial arts.  

                              a.i.m.martial arts contact information : direct (609)-432-7072 / office (609)-788-4321 / web : dralm1@comcast.net